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Tax withholding for newcomers in France

  • 7 January 2019
January 1st, 2019 marks the start of a new way for the French Tax Administration (“FISC”) to collect revenue tax (“Impôt sur le...

Home Conseil Relocation hopes that your dreams and aspirations will align in 2019

  • 20 December 2018
A new year is upon us and at Home Conseil Relocation we hope that your dreams and aspirations will align in the year...

How to avoid the pitfalls of renting under a trial period in France

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Faadiya D. 12/18,
South Africa11 December 2018

Thank you for all your help in finalizing everything. Michele made the process pleasant and seamless. It was such a pleasure working with you.

Yurii M. 12/18,
Ukraine11 December 2018

Thanks a lot for your help during past few months. I wouldn't have made it without you. I wish you all the best in the future.

Julie M. 09/18,
France17 September 2018

Je voulais également vous remercier du travail et du suivi pour le dossier. Ça a été un plaisir de travailler avec vous.

Sofya T. 09/18,
Russie10 September 2018

Nikolay, I was very happy to work with you, everything was perfect from my POV and I received everything superfast, so again – BIG BIG thanks to everyone involved 😊

Tiffany F. 09/18,
États-Unis10 September 2018

On a positive note – we visited the prefecture this morning to pick up our titre de sejour – all went well and we were finished by 930!  I have sent copies of everything to Maria but I wanted to let you know directly how helpful she was in supporting us (& also Leda during our application visit)!  We had heard that the prefecture can sometimes be difficult but in our case, the process went very smoothly, in no doubt due to Maria’s preparation and thoroughness!

Pooja S. 08/18,
Inde10 September 2018

It was very helpful with a step by step guidance on the entire process, Leda Lenac and Maria Ptitskaia , were very prompt , customer oriented and true delight to work with

Amar K. 07/18,
Inde2 July 2018

Hi Home Conseil office staff, Thank you so much for your assistance during our movement to France. Your staff member Maria really came through handleing the paper work, proving information to go through process step by step and the extra effort and patience during this time was really appreciated. I'm going to recommend your agency in future to people who seek immigration assistance.

Thanise F. 05/18,
Brésil22 May 2018

Dear Sophie and Marie, Thank you for all your help! I’m very pleased with the apartment. It was really a pleasure working with you. You’re very efficient. I wish you all a great day. Best regards, Thanise

Marcia F. H. 05/18,
Brésil15 May 2018

I had an excellent experience with Home Conseil Relocation. All the professional contacts I had were satisfactory, but especially the responsible for my process (Clara) exceeded my expectations. She was always fast and very clear in her information, and with that I had no issue in any of the processes with the French administration (visas, resident permits and driving licenses – for all my family).

Itacy C. 04/18,
Brésil13 April 2018

You are outstanding, because you exceed the expectations. Truely professional, quick and streight to the point. Congratulations! Maria and Sophie: I would like to say THANK YOU for your support and truly professional services, for your patience and dedication to deliver and support in the most efficient mode, straight to the point and exceeding the expectations.

Felix V. 03/18,
États-Unis21 March 2018

Clara was absolutely fantastic and helped me feel less alone in a very complex administrative process!

Thomas C. 03/18,
Brésil8 March 2018

Hello Maria and Sophie, I would like to thank you very much for your support. You have done a very precious job. The set-up of the short term assignment was a stressful situation, and thanks to you, it was very smooth! We have appreciated all your fast & accurate answers and your positive attitude! Thanks again!

Loretto D. V. 02/2018,
Italie20 February 2018

I had the best possible support compatible with my needs. I couldn't speak better about the support I received. Everything has been taken care timely and effectively, also adding a touch of personal kindness

Rita D. A., 02/2018,
Portugal14 February 2018

Dear Marie-Laure: Thank you for everything. I am fully aware of how important Home Conseil services are. Your help was precious! It is in fact not easy for a foreigner to get into the system (to rent a house, activate services that come with it, etc). I hope you keep up the good work and that the next employees feel as warmly welcomed as I did. Please pass on my thanks to everyone involved. Best regards, Rita

Luis B. 11/17,
Espagne 28 November 2017

Dear Marie-Laure, Everything has gone perfectly, really quick and well done. Great support offered by Isabelle! I’m impressed and pleased by her good management skills. Thanks so much.

Andres B. 11/17,
Sweden20 November 2017

You have given all needed help on our requests and I'm grateful for your help we got, also from your colleagues at Home Conseil. We cannot wish for more and better assistance that we got.

Ranjit S. 10/17,
Inde13 October 2017

I interacted with Maria and i found her extremely proactive & helpfull. I was propoerly guided during the whole process & all the information was provided in a timely manner.

Angela B. 10/17,
Allemagne 10 October 2017

Dear Myriam and Silvaine, I really like to thank you and all the colleagues involved for your great support. My whole transfer and everything around it went perfectly fast and smooth thanks to your help, so that from day 1 on,  I completely felt at home in my great new house!

YES- you can visit France for 15 days max, for leisure or business purposes only (i.e. business meetings, discussions, etc.).
Yes- If she/he benefits from the accompanying family procedure, depending on the immigration process applicable to the employee. He/she will be entitled to work after collection of the long stay ‘D’ visa issued by the French Consulate in your country of origin and provided she/he obtains a resident permit afterwards.
No, it is not possible to use a French work permit in another EU member state based on the fact that each EU State is sovereign in this area. Therefore, it is at the discretion of each State to issue a work permit valid in this own country.

If you signed a French work contract, you must register to French health insurance (=Assurance Maladie) so that you can benefit from social protection.

In order to register, and depending on your place of birth, an apostil or legalization of your birth certificate can be demanded.

This authentication is therefore not a requirement for the work permit or resident permit application but it is compulsory for receiving the French health insurance card (=carte vitale).


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