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“Anatomy of the French Immigration Process” published in this month’s issue of Mobility Magazine

  • 26 October 2017
The entire Immigration Department and Home Conseil Relocation as a whole is proud to announce a very comprehensive article on France’s different immigration...

Home Conseil Relocation sends you its best wishes for 2017

  • 21 December 2016
All the team at Home Conseil Relocation sends you its best wishes for 2017! We keep on supporting Doctors Without Borders

Law N°2016-274 of March 7th, 2016: Application process with the French Consulates

  • 21 November 2016
As a kind reminder, « passeport talent » (European Blue Card and Employee on assignment with a French contract) and « Salariés détachés ICT » applications (Se
Chun Siang S. 12/17,
Singapour 6 December 2017

The consultants are very professional and friendly. As a foreigner in a new country, Marianne , who we met most frequent, gave us a lot of insight and suggestions. I feel reliable and confortable with her. In general, Home Conseil Relocation consultants delivered superior services which definately worth recommending.

Luis B. 11/17,
Espagne 28 November 2017

Dear Marie-Laure, Everything has gone perfectly, really quick and well done. Great support offered by Isabelle! I’m impressed and pleased by her good management skills. Thanks so much.

Andres B. 11/17,
Sweden20 November 2017

You have given all needed help on our requests and I'm grateful for your help we got, also from your colleagues at Home Conseil. We cannot wish for more and better assistance that we got.

Tyfanie B. 11/17,
France8 November 2017

Un grand merci à toute l'équipe de Home Conseil, en particulier à Marianne qui a vraiment été d'une grande aide et à fait tout son possible pour nous faciliter la vie au maximum.

Ranjit S. 10/17,
Inde13 October 2017

I interacted with Maria and i found her extremely proactive & helpfull. I was propoerly guided during the whole process & all the information was provided in a timely manner.

Angela B. 10/17,
Allemagne 10 October 2017

Dear Myriam and Silvaine, I really like to thank you and all the colleagues involved for your great support. My whole transfer and everything around it went perfectly fast and smooth thanks to your help, so that from day 1 on,  I completely felt at home in my great new house!

Mohamed N. 09/17,
Égypte11 September 2017

I am very grateful to Home Conseil and Ms. Maria  who was assigned to help me with my complex situation. Along the process, she has shown excellent professionalism reflecting her capacity to read the situation and provide best trusworthy advice. Thank you!

Sameer P. 08/17,
Inde21 August 2017

The support from Maria  during the entire process was exceptional.

Rui P. 07/17,
Brésil11 July 2017

Dear Clara, Thanks for your instrumental support this morning and during the entire process organizing the permit renew. Thanks Maria and Alexandre for your valuable contribution too.    

YES- you can visit France for 15 days max, for leisure or business purposes only (i.e. business meetings, discussions, etc.).
Yes- If she/he benefits from the accompanying family procedure, depending on the immigration process applicable to the employee. He/she will be entitled to work after collection of the long stay ‘D’ visa issued by the French Consulate in your country of origin and provided she/he obtains a resident permit afterwards.
No, it is not possible to use a French work permit in another EU member state based on the fact that each EU State is sovereign in this area. Therefore, it is at the discretion of each State to issue a work permit valid in this own country.

If you signed a French work contract, you must register to French health insurance (=Assurance Maladie) so that you can benefit from social protection.

In order to register, and depending on your place of birth, an apostil or legalization of your birth certificate can be demanded.

This authentication is therefore not a requirement for the work permit or resident permit application but it is compulsory for receiving the French health insurance card (=carte vitale).


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