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Below are some common questions that many clients have.

YES- you can visit France for 15 days max, for leisure or business purposes only (i.e. business meetings, discussions, etc.).
Yes- If she/he benefits from the accompanying family procedure, depending on the immigration process applicable to the employee. He/she will be entitled to work after collection of the long stay ‘D’ visa issued by the French Consulate in your country of origin and provided she/he obtains a resident permit afterwards.
No, it is not possible to use a French work permit in another EU member state based on the fact that each EU State is sovereign in this area. Therefore, it is at the discretion of each State to issue a work permit valid in this own country.

If you signed a French work contract, you must register to French health insurance (=Assurance Maladie) so that you can benefit from social protection.

In order to register, and depending on your place of birth, an apostil or legalization of your birth certificate can be demanded.

This authentication is therefore not a requirement for the work permit or resident permit application but it is compulsory for receiving the French health insurance card (=carte vitale).

If you never had a resident permit before, this first receipt doesn’t allow you to travel.

If you get this receipt as part of an application for renewing your resident permit, it allows you to travel.

No, having a granted work permit is not sufficient to work in France. In addition to the work permit, you are required to have a long stay ‘D’ visa issued by the French Consulate in your country of origin.
Yes during the first year of residence in France if you hold also a certified translation in French of the driving license. In order to keep driving in France after one year of residence, you need a French driving license, which can be obtained either by exchange or by taking the French driving test.
No. During the first year of residence in France, the international driving license only exempts you from carrying a certified translation. After the first year of residence in France, it’s compulsory to hold a French driving license to keep driving legally.