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Nos métiers : Immigration

A department exclusively dedicated to Immigration.

When hosting foreign employees, from European and non-European countries, certain authorizations must be obtained from the French authorities and agencies.

Home Conseil Relocation assists its corporate clients in defining the immigration procedure that is best adapted to each specific situation, and offers:

  • A team of immigration specialists
  • Personalized management of cases
  • Optimization of time-frames in handling files


  • Work permit
  • Changing status
  • Work permit extension
  • Short and long term entry visa
  • Renewal of temporary work authorization
  • URSSAF Management

Resident permits

  • Resident permit application
  • Renewal
  • Organization of medical exmaination
  • Travel documents for minors

Other administrative formalities

  • Family allowances (registration/cancellation)
  • Social security (registration/cancellation)
  • Driver’s license(registration/exchange/examination)
  • Car importation
  • Family reunification
  • Naturalization