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Nos métiers : relocation

An experienced team interfacing with network partners throughout France.

For Home Conseil Relocation, each employee is a unique individual and is treated with all of the attention needed to help them successfully settle and adjust into a new environment.

  • A manager is assigned to every case and follows through to the completion of each assignment.
  • A single contact person is assigned to each case to create a relationship of trust and confidence and to centralize all pertinent information.
  • An administrative coordinator manages all the practical aspects of the settlement (home insurance, walk-throughs, utility hook-ups etc.)

Fast and easy settlement frees up time for everyone, making it easier for the employee to focus on integrating into a new life and a new environment.


  • Orientation Tour
  • Assistance to temporary residence
  • Assistance to rent/purchase
  • Departure assistance

A la carte

  • Walk-through
  • Schooling
  • Utilities hook-up
  • Home insurance
  • Move in
  • Banking