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The pride of Home Conseil Relocation? These expressions of satisfaction...

Daniela D. 07/2019,
Italy9 July 2019

I want to take this opportunity to give Viry our special thanks during the whole process (which is quite stressful), she was very responsive, acted quickly, helped us a lot knowing the city and its particularities and we definitely had the best consultant we could ever have. She achieved all our goals and she really made the difference! If we are asked to recommend somebody with talent, commitment and professionalism, it’s Viry! Thanks for everything you helped us Viry!

Gustavo M. 05/19,
Italy15 May 2019

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and Viry for all the support. Our experience with Home-Conseil was excellent, the full team (Viry especially), was very helpful, kind and pro-active. The whole moving process was very smooth with your support.

Alexander A. 03/19,
Germany12 March 2019

Thank you very much for all the help you have provided me – it would have been impossible for me to get through the labyrinth of bureaucracy without your & your colleagues’ assistance.

Amelia S. 03/19,
United States7 March 2019

My move to France would've been very difficult without your services - thank you!

Diego F. 01/19,
Brazil11 February 2019

We are really impressed with the level of organization and commitment that you have! Today it is getting rare…

Rui P. 01/19,
Brazil11 February 2019

I want to reiterate my deep gratitude for Myriam and HC team for being so present, instrumental and very efficient supporting me and Ines during these difficult times. Please receive our sincere thank you and best wishes for you all!

Yurii M. 12/18,
Ukraine11 December 2018

Thanks a lot for your help during past few months. I wouldn't have made it without you. I wish you all the best in the future.

Faadiya D. 12/18,
South Africa11 December 2018

Thank you for all your help in finalizing everything. Michele made the process pleasant and seamless. It was such a pleasure working with you.

Luis B. 11/17,
Espagne 28 November 2017

Dear Marie-Laure, Everything has gone perfectly, really quick and well done. Great support offered by Isabelle! I’m impressed and pleased by her good management skills. Thanks so much.

Angela B. 10/17,
Allemagne 10 October 2017

Dear Myriam and Silvaine, I really like to thank you and all the colleagues involved for your great support. My whole transfer and everything around it went perfectly fast and smooth thanks to your help, so that from day 1 on,  I completely felt at home in my great new house!

Mete B. 04/17,
France18 April 2017

C'est simplement excellent et très efficace. Vous êtes tous très solution orientés. Je suis très satisfait de travailler avec Home Conseil Relocation. Merci pour tout.

Adriano P. 18/04,
Brésil18 April 2017

Very good support from Alexandre and Isabelle.

Andres B. 11/17,
Sweden20 November 2017

You have given all needed help on our requests and I'm grateful for your help we got, also from your colleagues at Home Conseil. We cannot wish for more and better assistance that we got.

Sandrine T.,
16 April 2015

Nos différentes interlocutrices et accompagnatrices ont été très utiles dans notre démarche et nous avons trouvé l’appartement qui nous correspond.

Un grand merci pour leur disponibilité et gentillesse.

Gary J.,
England20 April 2016

Thank you so much for your help Fabienne. You have really brightened my day and  I thank you so much for your patience, understanding and diligence throughout the whole process. I am delighted that M. X has finally decided to relent and pay what he owes which I am sure would not have been the case without your robust involvement. I look forward to any further future dealings with you and your colleagues. With my very best regards

Saranya R. 07/19,
India5 July 2019

Nikolay Bash was an excellent consultant and helped me a lot, throughout my immigration process. It went very smooth and whenever I had a struggle, he was there to help. I am so thankful for him and the entire team!

Rafael O. 06/19,
Brazil20 June 2019

I would like to register how I am  glad with your support, how you are friendly and always available.

Chetan S. 04/19,
India23 April 2019

Fantastic Experience

Aleksey A. 04/19,
United States3 April 2019

Thank you very much for excellent job done!

Sofya T. 03/19,
Russia15 March 2019

Thanks Nikolay! Thanks for your help with my relocation. Was great to work with you!

Erkin G. 03/19,
Turkey12 March 2019

Thank you very much for all your support. It was great working with you. I also filled the survey with all the positive feedbacks I had 😊

Haythem K. 03/19,
Tunisie4 March 2019

Nadia Belhadia made the process very easy for me. She showed a very high level of professionalism and a great flexibility in realation to the different constraints that my work imposed that left me temporarily unavailable. Thanks a lot!!!

Balakrishnan N. 02/19,
India11 February 2019

Thanks a lot for your support for a such a long procedures in France. I am completely satisfied with your help , supports and services gave to me. Happy to work with you again if I get another chance.

Alexandra T. 10/18,
New Zealand31 October 2018

Maria was exceptionally helpful, polite and went beyond the call of duty to make this experience as painless as possible.

Sherzad M. 09/18,
Ukraine10 September 2018

I want to say a big thanks for 'Home Conseil' company with provided support about my relocation to Paris. Especially, my consultant Nikolay Bash. He was very responsive and explained everything in details. Thanks again and I wish your company only the best in future 🙂

Sofya T. 09/18,
Russie10 September 2018

Nikolay, I was very happy to work with you, everything was perfect from my POV and I received everything superfast, so again – BIG BIG thanks to everyone involved 😊

Tiffany F. 09/18,
États-Unis10 September 2018

On a positive note – we visited the prefecture this morning to pick up our titre de sejour – all went well and we were finished by 930!  I have sent copies of everything to Maria but I wanted to let you know directly how helpful she was in supporting us (& also Leda during our application visit)!  We had heard that the prefecture can sometimes be difficult but in our case, the process went very smoothly, in no doubt due to Maria’s preparation and thoroughness!

Pooja S. 08/18,
Inde10 September 2018

It was very helpful with a step by step guidance on the entire process, Leda Lenac and Maria Ptitskaia , were very prompt , customer oriented and true delight to work with

Sia Chun S. 08/18,
Malaisie10 September 2018

Maria Ptitskaia is my consultant. She is very helpful and always prepare us mentally for upcoming possibilities. Prevent us from unexpected 'shocks'. It is extremely appreciated from us especially we are new in this country and culture. Thanks for her professionalism.

Katrina C. 08/18,
Australie10 September 2018

Cindy was very lovely to deal with and very thorough with the information that she provided me.

Tim B.,
England15 March 2016

Hi Carole, I have received both cards for my wife and myself. Many thanks for your help and patience and persistence in chasing me. Without that, I don't think we would have arrived. Again many thanks, it is most appreciated.

Juliette V.,
16 April 2015

Très bonne connaissance des démarches à effectuer auprès de l’administration, française comme sud-africaine.

Un ou deux changements de cap en cours de traitement du dossier (copies certifiées conformes ou pas) qui m’ont un peu déroutée. Je comprends mieux maintenant car les demandes des pays sont elles-mêmes « mouvantes ». Il serait bien de l’expliquer au départ.

Contact de Home Conseil avec le consulat d’Afrique du Sud : le personnel était informé et cela a accéléré le process.

Fabienne m’a listé les points à vérifier sur le visa : excellent conseil car il était erroné. Le consulat l’a refait dans la journée.

Nicolas R.,
France16 April 2015

I would like to thank all of you sincerely for the support you gave me on my visa process. Everything has been fixed (just) in time. Obrigado, merci, thank you! Best regards,

Jérôme B.,
France16 April 2015

Je vous remercie pour votre implication dans tous les sujets et votre suivi des dossiers. C’était vraiment très appréciable et déterminant dans l’avancement des points en suspens. Mes enfants se sont bien adaptés à leur nouveau pays et la rentrée s’est très bien passée. Merci beaucoup. Au plaisir de vous saluer directement. Très cordialement

Patrick T.,
France16 April 2015

After 4 months of expatriation process, our installation in Bangalore is almost over. Except very few things everything went smoothly. It was complex and we had short time to manage this move from Japan to India in addition to complex procedure to follow especially applying for the visa! I would like to thank you for your support and contribution to make it happen! With my best regards

Jean-Pierre L.M.,
France16 April 2015

Je vous remercie, nous sommes maintenant complètement installés dans notre maison depuis une semaine et la famille s'est plutôt bien acclimatée à l'inde. Merci pour le support apporté par votre équipe ainsi que vos partenaires d'Inde et de Suède.

Yvan M.,
France12 February 2016

Bonjour Fabienne, Je tenais à vous remercier pour votre réactivité, votre efficacité, votre disponibilité et votre soutien.

Nicole M.,
France16 April 2015

En cette année nouvelle, je tenais à vous remercier de l'aide que vous m'avez apporté dans le cadre de ma mobilité professionnelle à Bruxelles mais également de votre "soutien moral" de par votre présence proche ou éloignée. Mon "intégration" à Bruxelles se fait désormais sur des flots plus tranquilles.

Yasu O.,
Japan16 April 2015

Every support was well organized and I could have the flat, bank account and utilities like internet within a few weeks soon after my arrival. And I could start my life in Lyon smoothly without any trouble however I had never been to France before. I really appreciate for the supports.

Isabelle L.-L.B. 03/19,
France15 March 2019

I would like to warmly thank you for achieving this complex process for Alvaro. It was long and tough but we all made it!

Rachel R. 03/19,
United States15 March 2019

Hello Nikolay and Team, Thank you for liaising accordingly and obtaining this documentation.  We greatly appreciate all of your assistance throughout this process!

Salman C. 03/19,
United States15 March 2019

Thank you Nikolay! Great work as usual.

Viliam K. 09/18,
Czech Republic19 September 2018

This is simply amazing, thank you very much for getting this solved so quickly. Still remembering the push back for the deposit return, I was prepping for a long legal battle. Carole, you are truly a star to get these funds returned so swiftly.

Sandra D.,
France8 June 2016

Merci Clara pour votre investissement dans ce dossier. J’ai beaucoup apprécié votre sérieux et nos échanges toujours très constructifs.

Natalia S.,
Angleterre17 March 2016

Hi Florence and team, Thank you for your invaluable support and patience throughout this process – much appreciated!

Sana N.,
France21 January 2016

Bonjour Fabienne, J’ai eu aussi beaucoup de plaisir de travailler avec vous sans oublier Carole. J’espère très rapidement re-travailler avec vous ! Je vous remercie fortement avec Carole de votre aide et soutien pour tous nos VIE et espère vraiment encore faire appel à vous pour une nouvelle aventure ! Encore merci pour tout le travail effectué et de votre professionnalisme.

Aniko L.,
Poland16 April 2015

As always, I am super pleased with Florence's and Clara’s work on our cases and I only hope that I get to work with the two of you on all my French cases in the future. Thank you for all your support!

Carlijn L.,
Netherlands16 April 2015

Bonjour Clara, Thank you so much for your updates! We really appreciate it that you are keeping us updated on these kind of things – I wish all our partners were so good at it as you! Merci beaucoup.

Beata F.,
USA21 January 2016

Great long lasting relationship, excellent service and commitment.

Soo S.,
USA21 March 2016

Hi Florence and Clara, You two are the BEST – thank you SO MUCH for all of your help ! We truly appreciate all of your efforts and the care that you put into your revisions, write ups, and advice. I hope you can relax a bit, you have more than earned it!!

Valérie A.,
France26 January 2016

Prestations de qualité, excellente réactivité et grande disponibilité de vos équipes, patience des interlocutrices.

Jesus I.,
France16 April 2015

Hello Clara, Thank you very much for the reactivity regarding Chanchal’s Resident permit and for the professionalism you have shown during all this process. I have really appreciated your recommendations in each step. Please share this with all people involved in this process. Thank you again. Best regards

Sami J.,
USA11 May 2015

Florence, Thank you very much for all your patience and assistance as you guided us through this process. I hope you have a wonderful week! Kind regards.

Laura O.,
France21 January 2016

Merci encore pour votre accompagnement de qualité !