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La fierté de Home Conseil Relocation ? Ces témoignages de satisfaction...

Faadiya D. 12/18,
South Africa11 décembre 2018

Thank you for all your help in finalizing everything. Michele made the process pleasant and seamless. It was such a pleasure working with you.

Saoussen A. 10/18,
Tunisie23 octobre 2018

Maintenant que je suis finalement bien installée, je voulais vous remercier toutes pour votre support, votre soutien et votre amabilité. Je voulais surtout vous dire que je me sentais bien soutenue ici en France grâce à votre disponibilité. J’ai eu de la chance de vous avoir à mes côtés durant cette période de non stabilité. Merci encore une fois pour vos conseils et votre accompagnement, ça m’a vraiment fait chaud au cœur.

Frédéric L. 09/18,
France10 septembre 2018

Merci de nous avoir fait découvrir les différents quartiers de Lyon. Et merci pour la réactivité vis-à-vis de la SS.

Luis B. 11/17,
Espagne 28 novembre 2017

Dear Marie-Laure, Everything has gone perfectly, really quick and well done. Great support offered by Isabelle! I’m impressed and pleased by her good management skills. Thanks so much.

Angela B. 10/17,
Allemagne10 octobre 2017

Dear Myriam and Silvaine, I really like to thank you and all the colleagues involved for your great support. My whole transfer and everything around it went perfectly fast and smooth thanks to your help, so that from day 1 on,  I completely felt at home in my great new house!

Fabio G. 04/17,
Brésil18 avril 2017

Merci pour votre excellent suivi. Je suis très satisfait et content.

Adriano P. 18/04,
Brésil18 avril 2017

Very good support from Alexandre and Isabelle.

Päivi H.,
France10 janvier 2017

Nous sommes effectivement tres contents de vos services. C’était une mission impossible de trouver une place en creche et vous l’avez reussi !

Albert D.,
France2 janvier 2017

Nous avons été remarquablement assistés par Home Relocation, notamment Mmes Tedesco et Gumati. Leur aide nous a été précieuse et nous les remercions pour leur soutien toujours aimable et professionnel

Jost R.,
Allemagne10 novembre 2016

Dear Myriam The signed documents are attached and let me use the opportunity to thank you and your colleagues for the support provided. It was great to work with you and Marie-Laure and we have very much appreciated the friendliness and professionalism with which you tackled all issues. It is well understood that we were sometimes pushy and things were not easy – and hence even more enjoyed the calmness in which you dealt with the operational side of the onboarding. Great work!

Gary J.,
Angleterre20 avril 2016

Thank you so much for your help Fabienne. You have really brightened my day and  I thank you so much for your patience, understanding and diligence throughout the whole process. I am delighted that M. X has finally decided to relent and pay what he owes which I am sure would not have been the case without your robust involvement. I look forward to any further future dealings with you and your colleagues. With my very best regards

Gerhard H.,
Allemagne17 mars 2016

Thanks a lot to the dedicated staff, well done, good service. We were very happy and satisfied with the support of Home Conseil Relocation.

Robin J.,
France29 janvier 2016

Excellente prestation, au delà de ce que j’espérais, je n’ai vraiment rien à redire. Excellent professionnalisme de votre consultante Pascale.

Olivia L.,
France2 septembre 2015

Mon conjoint et moi même avons beaucoup apprécié le temps qui nous a été consacré. En effet, n’étant pas de la région, il était important pour nous d’avoir des conseils pertinents (localisation, accès, activités…) et de nous sentir épauler dans ce grand changement. Un clin d’œil particulier a Mme Monnami qui a été d’une efficacité incroyable quant aux changements de dernière minute et dont la bonne humeur nous a permis de faire une journée de visites très productive et sympathique.

Karen C.,
Taiwan18 septembre 2015

Hi Carine, Many thanks for your great help in settling bank account and new cellphone number. Your warm assistance in the process really soothed our anxiety to start a new life. Thank you. All the best

Jacqueline A.,
Etats-Unis28 mai 2015

Dear Francoise, Many thanks for your assistance this week! Fabulous work and I apologise that it was so detailed and long for you! Appreciate all your assistance with the utilities etc. We have now everything completed for move in! Look forward to working with you again! All the best!

Clare R.,
Etats-Unis11 mai 2015

We had a smooth trip home after a great few days in Lyon.  It is a beautiful city and we were so lucky to see it in such amazing weather! I wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you so much for the excellent assistance you provided to Dave and I last week. We really appreciated your kind, knowledgable and practical approach to assisting us in getting to know Lyon. The time we spent with you has really helped us feel more comfortable with the move and we both really enjoyed working with you.

Yasu O.,
Japon30 mars 2015

Every support was well organized and I could have the flat, bank account and utilities like internet within a few weeks soon after my arrival. And I could start my life in Lyon smoothly without any trouble however I had never been to France before. I really appreciate for the supports.

Sandrine T.,
France10 avril 2015

Nos différentes interlocutrices et accompagnatrices ont été très utiles dans notre démarche et nous avons trouvé l’appartement qui nous correspond.

Un grand merci pour leur disponibilité et gentillesse.

Olivier M.-B.,
10 avril 2015

I want to thank you again for the excellent support and professionalism displayed during the time of assistance in settling in Lyon over the past few months.

This has been both a pleasure as well as an efficient process to get her support on this move.

Best regards

Ken W.,
Etats-Unis10 avril 2015

We have been extremely appreciative and impressed by the service work provided by the entire Home Conseil team and by the outstanding work and support provided by Brigitte. Florence’s support in the beginning was great.  I would (and have) recommend Home Conseil and Brigitte. without hesitation in the future for families moving into the area.  The quality and level of service has been top notch.   Please feel free to use me as a reference if needed.

Andres B. 11/17,
Sweden20 novembre 2017

You have given all needed help on our requests and I'm grateful for your help we got, also from your colleagues at Home Conseil. We cannot wish for more and better assistance that we got.

Jorge P. 07/17,
Portugal10 juillet 2017

Hello Ladies, I hope you do not get me wrong in my words, because your services as a team have been excellent. But I have to highlight the availability and competence of Marie, which I really recommend by her professionalism. I am really pleased to have been served by Home Conseil which made the things much easy for me through Mrs Marie services.

Mete B. 04/17,
France18 avril 2017

C'est simplement excellent et très efficace. Vous êtes tous très solution orientés. Je suis très satisfait de travailler avec Home Conseil Relocation. Merci pour tout.

John G.,
Pays-Bas1 mars 2016

The finding of an appartment was very well organized. It seems as if my mind was read. Home Conseil took care of all things that needed to be arranged. Perfect.

Michael K.,
Etats-Unis9 novembre 2015

We had a very pleasant stay in France, and hope to visit again soon!  Thanks again to you and the Home Conseil team for making everything so much simpler for us during our stay!!!

Jean-Pierre L.,
France8 septembre 2015

Nous avons été très satisfaits des services de Home Conseil Relocation et avons eu des interlocutrices très gentilles, courtoises, toujours à l’écoute de nos besoins et d’une très grande réactivité, ce qui est très appréciable lorsque vous arrivez dans un nouvel endroit où vous ne connaissez personne ; Grâce à elles, nous nous sommes sentis en confiance et nous avons pu nous concentrer sur l’installation de la famille car elles avaient préparé tout le côté logistique pour nous. Un grand merci donc à Mesdames Gumati et Berthoux.

Ashley E.,
England29 septembre 2015

Hello Fabienne   I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you and Gwenaelle for all your help and support with this.   You have made us feel very relaxed comfortable about the whole process and you have really considered all of our requirements.   You have provided us with an outstanding and exceptional service and Gwen really could not have looked after us better especially by going above and beyond and working very hard to manage to find us the perfect home in the area we wanted.   It really has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you both.   Thank you again   Ashley and Vicky.

Anne R.,
Allemagne10 août 2015

Dear Jérémy, First of all I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for your fantastic support and help with the move and of course in handling the owner of the house we rented! Your calmness, professionalism and strong arguments despite being yelled at for 15 minutes straight were decisive to achieve a good outcome of the meeting with the owner. I had never experienced something like this before and would have not been able to master it on my own, rest alone stay calm! So compliments to you!!

Gaëtan G,
France1 juillet 2015

Fabienne, Margaux et moi tenions à vous remercier pour votre aide et votre dynamisme lors de nos visites. Nous avons emménagé dans l'appartement samedi dernier et nous nous installons tranquillement. Merci beaucoup pour votre aide et votre prestation exemplaire !

Jean-François B.,
France10 avril 2015

Très bonne prestation conforme aux attentes. Forte valeur ajoutée en adéquation avec les besoins. Cordialement

Gulbol M.,
10 avril 2015

Je tiens en tout cas à vous remercier, ainsi que Marie-Laure pour votre accompagnement efficace et sympathique. Nous sommes très contents d'avoir trouvé un bel appartement, et d'avoir évité une belle galère aussi s'il avait fallu chercher par nous-même.

Pierre J.,
10 avril 2015

Nous vous remercions beaucoup pour votre accompagnement.

Nous avons apprécié votre dynamisme, votre gentillesse, et l'efficacité avec laquelle vous avez répondu à notre attente.

Nous sommes en pleine discussion avec les déménageurs, qui trouvent le délai un peu court...

Bonne suite à vous.

Jean-Yves D. 05/17,
France15 mai 2017

[Ma consultante] a préparé les visites avec professionnalisme et écoute de mes besoins. Le choix s'annonçait difficile mais grâce à sa disponibilité et sa bonne vision de ce que je cherchais une visite non prévue à été la bonne. Bravo et Merci.

Rami M.,
Egypte16 mars 2016

Dear Isabelle, Just wanted to thank you so much for all your great efforts in helping us settle in Lyon!  You have supported us and made our life much easier than it would have by ourselves! Once more, merci beaucoup!

Emmanuel S.,
Belgique26 août 2015

Dear Myriam, Once again, thank you very much to you and your team for your support during my transfer to Lyon ! This one could occur with a minimum of time loss for the good continuation of my professional activities.

Steve B.,
Etats-Unis10 avril 2015

From the start, my wife and I have been very, very pleased with the support provided by HC.  From working with us to secure that our childrencould arrive in France for day 1 of school before all was finalized with the VISA was tremendously appreciated.  HC helped us find a wonderful apartment in a great area of Lyon.  We absolutely loved it!  The regular support with the prefecture issues was very smooth, and the departure assistance was seamless, with myself being relieved of many small worries that were very effectively managed by HC. With that let us say one big MERCI to the HC team for all of your support and kindness.  I hope that my Company truly values the support you provide (I promise to advise them of this!!)

Jill B.,
Etats-Unis10 avril 2015

Bruce and I were both very satisfied with all of the services provided by HCR. There was never a point when I was stressed about not being able to speak with someone or receive the help we needed throughout the process. Marie-Laure, Fabienne and Dominique were all extremely professional and available. At the point in which I found our house to rent, I needed immediate action to help secure the lease and not lose the house to another interested party. HCR stepped up and worked to make sure that everything was completed in an urgent manner. I would recommend this service to any expat!

Mickael E.,
10 avril 2015

We went to Lyon last week for our home finding trip. It was very successful and we finally found a wonderful home not far away from kindergarten and work.
I have to emphasize that the whole trip was professionally organized and with our consultant  we got a very friendly support who let us felt to come to friends.
Everything was perfect and all our questions could be answered. It was more than a home finding trip, more likely a Welcome Celebration.

I would like you to know that it was much more than we expected.

Piotr W.,
Pologne10 avril 2015

Merci bien. We are fill excellent in your country. I hope that you fill fine as well. We have one really good opinion only about your company. All the time we are really good impression and work from your sides. We have never had delayed form your side and always is good atmosphere. Thank you again. My wife and I have really good opinion about your company. We have worked together in really good atmosphere all time. All activities and formulas were done professional. We have filled carried during thins time. We have never had delayed form your side. Thank you very much for your work and support. Thank you for your explanation. It is next time when you are explaining me really clearly. I think that you can write guideline for foreign people. A book title could be "How to start live in France and make all formal documents without any stress". I sure that will be bestseller! Thank you for all people which are involved to our relocation. Your support made that we fill really comfortable in your country. Special thanks for Marie-Laure, Carine, and Isabelle. They directly cooperated with us.

Katia H.,
Etats-Unis & Bulgarie10 avril 2015

Just wanted to reiterate how helpful everybody in Home Conseil has been in particularly related to obtaining our work authorization and finding a home. It was a long process but the team was persistent and on top of areas of concern that came up along the way. In our case we were one ofthe first to arrive with the whole family so interim housing and finding school was additional need that our counsellors helped us with. Could not have transitioned into my new assignment as smoothly had it not been for Marie-Laure, Carine and Florence; as well as everybody behind the scenes.

Ingrid M. 12/18,
France11 décembre 2018

Je tiens à vous remercier pour la très bonne collaboration. Votre aide a été très précieuse afin de nous permettre de mener ce projet. La mission a été menée avec succès,. Un grand merci donc!

Mehdi B. 11/18,
Maroc26 novembre 2018

Je tiens à vous remercier à mon tour de m'avoir accompagné dans toutes les démarches, et de m'avoir aidé et donné toutes les informations nécessaires pour me faciliter l'intégration en France, ça été un grand plaisir.

Othman EL 08/18,
Maroc10 septembre 2018

Restez comme ça 🙂

Mohamed N. 9/17,
Égypte11 septembre 2017

I am very grateful to Home Conseil and Ms. Maria who was assigned to help me with my complex situation. Along the process, she has shown excellent professionalism reflecting her capacity to read the situation and provide best trusworthy advice. Thank you!

Rajaraman V. 01/17,
India22 mars 2017

Excellent service. Extremely professional. I am so happy to work with Maria. Extremely Helpful.

Kay L. 03/17,
United States22 mars 2017

Thank you for all of your wonderful help and support along the way for me! You have been a great, reliable and friendly resource from the beginning and I could not be more appreciative.

Lance B. 01/17,
United States22 mars 2017

Thank you very much – I am very pleased with the services. Compared to the previous firm/methods, this go-around was much better. Thanks to Maria Ptitskaia

Jessica B. 03/17,
United States22 mars 2017

Home Conseil Relocation were significantly more responsive & creative problem solvers than US equivalents

Shahfazal M.,
Inde10 novembre 2016

You folks get the highest ratings in my book. Thanks once again for your help, understanding and patience. I'm really glad [my employer] works with your company.

Yifan X.,
Chine26 avril 2016

J’apprécie beaucoup l’accompagnement de votre agence pendant mon processus de changement de statut. Florence et Clara ont su montrer un professionnalisme impeccable et une expérience extrêmement riche dans le domaine d’immigration. J’espère que tous les candidats comme moi pourront avoir des conseillers aussi compétents.

Sergio R.,
Mexique4 février 2016

Clara was very helpful during the whole process, she started by providing an overview of the process highlighting the steps and estimated timeline; she understood my personal situation and provided great advice.  She was always very clear on her emails, providing instructions with all the details even on simple things like where to get a photograph. I also appreciate her ability to follow up, sometimes I had a lot of work and she would remind me of a pending step. I am extremely happy with her work and I would totally recommend her.

Garett H.,
Etats-Unis2 septembre 2015

Clara and her team were an amazing help to my wife and I during our recent move to Paris from NY. So much goes into a move, and Clara’s expertise and courtesy made the complicated paperwork, simple and stress free. She was very detailed in her explanations of our requirements and deadlines. I highly recommend Home Conseil Relocation to anyone needing assistance moving abroad.

Shuang Z.,
Chine27 juillet 2015

Ce fut un plaisir de travailler avec vous. Je vous remercie beaucoup de l'accueil que vous m'avez réservé, mais aussi pour la patience, l’aide, l'information et le soutien.

Andre M.,
Brésil1 juillet 2015

High Level Service, excellence support.

Dinesh G.,
Etats-Unis10 avril 2015

Thank you Clara for all the extremely proactive, knowledgable, thorough and dedicated service this year through the whole adventure – before we arrived and while we were there. I had much to think about with the move and knowing that you had the immigration front covered really gave me a lot of peace of mind. Thank you (and Florence who covered for you while you were out) for the 5 star service.

Iryna P.,
Ukraine10 avril 2015

I would like to say that this was one of the best experiences. Clara is very professional and competent in her area. She communicated all points very clearly and actionably. She was very responsive, empathetic and available. She is a consultant you can trust and rely on. It was a great pleasure to work with her and she deserves the best in her career.

Wenbin D.,
Française depuis 2013 !10 avril 2015

Je suis très satisfaite du service que vous avez fourni. Florence à mon écoute, très professionnelle avec son sourire !

Patrick L.,
France10 avril 2015

Il est toujours difficile de progresser quand on est très bon, mais il faudrait cloner Wiana pour continuer à avoir cette notion de service qui fait partie de l’ADN de Wiana. Elle peut (si ce n’était déjà le cas) être formatrice dans sa façon d’agir.

Sandra C. 12/18,
France11 décembre 2018

Je tiens à vous remercier, ainsi que toute l'équipe Home Conseil, pour vos précieux conseils et votre suivi méticuleux. Ce fut un plaisir d'échanger et de collaborer avec vous.

Ranjit S. 10/17,
Inde13 octobre 2017

I interacted with Maria and i found her extremely proactive & helpfull. I was propoerly guided during the whole process & all the information was provided in a timely manner.

Rui P. 07/17,
Brésil11 juillet 2017

Dear Clara, Thanks for your instrumental support this morning and during the entire process organizing the permit renew. Thanks Maria and Alexandre for your valuable contribution too.  

Nachiappan L. 05/16,
India22 mars 2017

Thanks a lot for your support. It is really a very good service

Hossam S. 07/16,
Egypt22 mars 2017

I would like to thank you so much for your help. My consultant, Clara Excler, was so friendly and helpful during the whole process. She is well-organized and provided all the information needed with answers to all my questions. Thank you all!

David P. 10/16,
United States22 mars 2017

Thank you for making this go so smoothly ! I hear terrible stories of other immigrants having loads of trouble with paper work, delays, multiple visits, etc. We have had NO troubles thus far. It is all because of your team! Thanks!

Sonia N. 11/16,
Malaysia22 mars 2017

Thank you so much for your prompt and detailed answer! We are really satisfied to work with you! We have heard a lot of stories about how it is hard to get a residence permit because of bureaucracy. But for us it was easy, because we work with a professional!

Karine V.,
Etats-Unis8 décembre 2015

Maria, as always, you have been a great advisor and excellent project manager to move this along as well, so I give you and your persistence most of the credit, so thank you to you, again!

Zoran K.,
Canada17 mars 2016

Florence provided great assistance helping with the documents and guidance throughout the process.

Menad A.,
Etats-Unis4 février 2016

Hi Florence , Thank you very much for all your help! You have been wonderful since day one.

Keeran S.,
Afrique du Sud20 octobre 2015

The service provided was absolutely top class and must thank your team for their kind assistance. During the process I received constant feedback and advise which was highly appreciated. Keep up the excellent work.

Mark C.,
Etats-Unis22 juin 2015

The people I have been dealing with are first rate people. They have been nothing but efficient, polite, courteous, very knowledgeable, and friendly. They have held my hand, advised, and informed me of every step in the process. I am truly delighted to work with them.

Maksim K.,
Russie2 juin 2015

I was extremely satisfied with the quality of service, the speed of response, the professionalism, and the human touch of the responses. I would recommend Home Conseil without hesitation.

Nikita N.,
Russie10 avril 2015

Home Conseil was contracted by my employer to help me and my wife in obtaining the visas, working and resident permits in France. We have been receiving professional assistance of Home Conseil for more than 6 months, during the period of May-November 2014. In particular, we would like to acknowledge the work of Clara, who has been interfacing our communication with the agency. Her timely and highly professional coordination has made the whole process transparent and easy for us. We have received all the assistance we needed and every single question asked was answered in a detailed and convincing fashion. We thank people at Home Conseil for the great attention to their customers and wish the company prosperity in its business!

Siiri R.,
Estonie10 avril 2015

My special thanks to Mme Florence for her perfect assistance for both human and professional point of view.

Alison H.,
Etats-Unis10 avril 2015

Hi Wiana, I wanted to offer my sincere gratitude for all of your help. I am very appreciative, and know this is a result of your perseverance with the driving school. Thank you again for your help! I will be so happy to finally collect the license!

Sameer P. 08/17,
Inde21 août 2017

The support from Maria during the entire process was exceptional.

Gregory V. 06/16,
United States22 mars 2017

Top quality – it was a pleasure to work with them.

Iryna P. 07/16,
Ukraine22 mars 2017

I am sincerely thanking you and your team for high level professionalism and kind hearts.

Joanna C. 09/16,
United States22 mars 2017

Really appreciate how responsive and thorough all the communication was. The level of detail and instruction was great – both for gathering/preparing the paperwork and for what to do/bring/say when showing up for appointments. Excellent work!

Badr Z. 09/16,
Morocco22 mars 2017

This is the second time I’m working with Home Conseil Relocation and their work is always excellent. The Home Conseil team is really friendly and it’s a pleasure working with them!

David M. 10/16,
Mexico22 mars 2017

No comments,  I found Maria and Florence very helpful and customer service oriented.  I believe both of them knew what was needed.

Ranjit S.,
Inde30 mars 2016

The support provided by Florence was excellent. She was extremely helpful and prompt in her interactions. As an expat, the whole process of immigration was managed profesionnaly and I did not face any difficulty in integration myself.

Nubia M.,
Colombie1 mars 2016

Excellent in all the aspect, I will recommend Home Conseil !

Rahul K.,
Inde4 février 2016

I liked the way I was helped and taken care of my case. The follow up on each and every point was very satisfactory. Thanks for all your support throughout the process.

Dineshkumar N.,
Inde29 janvier 2016

It was a pleasure working with Maria. She always has an answer!

Shanalie S.,
Brésil20 octobre 2015

Maria always demonstrated knowledge over the process and provided me with the support I needed in different scenarios, with politness and profesionnalism.

Paulo T.,
Brésil10 avril 2015

I am very satisfied with the support I recieved from Florence. Quick answer and very helpul.

Dennis K.,
Canada10 avril 2015

Florence and Clara were excellent in their duties.  I felt very comfortable with them and am very pleased with their services.

If I have another assignment in France, I look forward to dealing with Florence and Clara again.

Patrick H.,
Etats-Unis10 avril 2015

On a personal note, I really want to thank you for your support on this Wiana.  It is really difficult for me to explain how challenging it has been to try and balance work and home while living in France….and you have really helped to see this through completion.  I really appreciate your support on this.

Steve B.,
Etats-Unis10 avril 2015

Very professional support with a personal touch. I appreciated the willingness to consider special cases, and the overall warmth and kindness of the staff. Very well done. Couldn’t have been more pleased!

Sean C.,
Chine10 avril 2015

I have to say that I’ve received very good service from your company, everyone I’ve met are professional and helpful, especially Wiana, I am very grateful for her prompt reply, thoughtful assistances always, I hope you all the very best and, have brilliant future!

Yanmei P.,
Chine10 avril 2015

Chaque étape est très bien expliquée et détaillée. Je suis parfaitement satisfaite de votre travail.

Tim B.,
Angleterre15 mars 2016

Hi Carole, I have received both cards for my wife and myself. Many thanks for your help and patience and persistence in chasing me. Without that, I don't think we would have arrived. Again many thanks, it is most appreciated.

Juliette V.,
France10 avril 2015

Très bonne connaissance des démarches à effectuer auprès de l’administration, française comme sud-africaine.

Un ou deux changements de cap en cours de traitement du dossier (copies certifiées conformes ou pas) qui m’ont un peu déroutée. Je comprends mieux maintenant car les demandes des pays sont elles-mêmes « mouvantes ». Il serait bien de l’expliquer au départ.

Contact de Home Conseil avec le consulat d’Afrique du Sud : le personnel était informé et cela a accéléré le process.

Fabienne m’a listé les points à vérifier sur le visa : excellent conseil car il était erroné. Le consulat l’a refait dans la journée.

Nicolas R.,
France10 avril 2015

I would like to thank all of you sincerely for the support you gave me on my visa process. Everything has been fixed (just) in time. Obrigado, merci, thank you! Best regards,

Jérôme B.,
France10 avril 2015

Je vous remercie pour votre implication dans tous les sujets et votre suivi des dossiers. C’était vraiment très appréciable et déterminant dans l’avancement des points en suspens. Mes enfants se sont bien adaptés à leur nouveau pays et la rentrée s’est très bien passée. Merci beaucoup. Au plaisir de vous saluer directement. Très cordialement

Patrick T.,
France10 avril 2015

After 4 months of expatriation process, our installation in Bangalore is almost over. Except very few things everything went smoothly. It was complex and we had short time to manage this move from Japan to India in addition to complex procedure to follow especially applying for the visa! I would like to thank you for your support and contribution to make it happen! With my best regards

Jean-Pierre L.M.,
France10 avril 2015

Je vous remercie, nous sommes maintenant complètement installés dans notre maison depuis une semaine et la famille s'est plutôt bien acclimatée à l'inde. Merci pour le support apporté par votre équipe ainsi que vos partenaires d'Inde et de Suède.

Yvan M.,
France12 février 2016

Bonjour Fabienne, Je tenais à vous remercier pour votre réactivité, votre efficacité, votre disponibilité et votre soutien.

Nicole M.,
France10 avril 2015

En cette année nouvelle, je tenais à vous remercier de l'aide que vous m'avez apporté dans le cadre de ma mobilité professionnelle à Bruxelles mais également de votre "soutien moral" de par votre présence proche ou éloignée. Mon "intégration" à Bruxelles se fait désormais sur des flots plus tranquilles.

Marion L.,
France10 avril 2015

Contact très personnalisé = vraiment appréciable Grande rigueur et soucis du détail pour éviter les allers-retours avec l’Ambassade = efficacité garantie Et merci pour la disponibilité jamais démentie !

Julie M. 09/18,
France17 septembre 2018

Je voulais également vous remercier du travail et du suivi pour le dossier. Ça a été un plaisir de travailler avec vous.

Sandra D.,
France8 juin 2016

Merci Clara pour votre investissement dans ce dossier. J’ai beaucoup apprécié votre sérieux et nos échanges toujours très constructifs.    

Natalia S.,
Angleterre17 mars 2016

Hi Florence and team, Thank you for your invaluable support and patience throughout this process – much appreciated!

Sana N.,
France21 janvier 2016

Bonjour Fabienne, J’ai eu aussi beaucoup de plaisir de travailler avec vous sans oublier Carole. J’espère très rapidement re-travailler avec vous ! Je vous remercie fortement avec Carole de votre aide et soutien pour tous nos VIE et espère vraiment encore faire appel à vous pour une nouvelle aventure ! Encore merci pour tout le travail effectué et de votre professionnalisme.

Beata F.,
Etats-Unis21 janvier 2016

Great long lasting relationship, excellent service and commitment.

Carlijn L.,
Pays-Bas10 avril 2015

Bonjour Clara, Thank you so much for your updates! We really appreciate it that you are keeping us updated on these kind of things – I wish all our partners were so good at it as you! Merci beaucoup.

Aniko L.,
Pologne10 avril 2015

As always, I am super pleased with Florence's and Clara’s work on our cases and I only hope that I get to work with the two of you on all my French cases in the future. Thank you for all your support!

Soo S.,
Etats-Unis21 mars 2016

Hi Florence and Clara, You two are the BEST – thank you SO MUCH for all of your help ! We truly appreciate all of your efforts and the care that you put into your revisions, write ups, and advice. I hope you can relax a bit, you have more than earned it!!

Valérie A.,
France26 janvier 2016

Prestations de qualité, excellente réactivité et grande disponibilité de vos équipes, patience des interlocutrices.

Rob T.,
Etats-Unis21 janvier 2016

Home Conseil is very responsive to emails, provides clear communication and follows up appropriately. They are a partner that we can trust to get the job done!

Laura O.,
France21 janvier 2016

Merci encore pour votre accompagnement de qualité !

Sami J.,
Etats-Unis11 mai 2015

Florence, Thank you very much for all your patience and assistance as you guided us through this process. I hope you have a wonderful week! Kind regards.

Jesus I.,
France10 avril 2015

Hello Clara, Thank you very much for the reactivity regarding Chanchal’s Resident permit and for the professionalism you have shown during all this process. I have really appreciated your recommendations in each step. Please share this with all people involved in this process. Thank you again. Best regards

Lauranne V.,
France23 mars 2016

Bonjour, Maria, je vous remercie de votre accompagnement, votre réactivité et la qualité du suivi que vous avez assuré dans ce dossier. Je pense que vos contacts réguliers avec M. Z l’ont rassuré et lui ont permis d’obtenir sereinement son autorisation de travail. Au plaisir donc d’un prochain contact.

Sandrine P.,
France21 janvier 2016

Rien à dire. Grande qualité de prestation et d’accompagnement. Vous vous adaptez à toutes nos demandes.

Glenn F.,
Etats-Unis21 janvier 2016

Katharine and I are so very appreciative to work with such fine folks as Florence and Clara.

Estelle P.,
France20 août 2015

Madame la Directrice, Je tenais par ce message, à vous indiquer que Clara nous a accompagné de façon remarquable, dans le dossier de demande d’autorisation de travail de Monsieur C.N. Son professionnalisme a également été salué par le manager de C.N. Le support de Clara en terme de clarification, et d’accompagnement nous a été d’une aide précieuse dans un processus complexe. Nous avons eu l’occasion de remercier Clara par oral personnellement, mais je souhaitais également vous faire part de notre satisfaction.

Deirdre P.,
Etats-Unis10 avril 2015

Dear Wiana, I wanted to take a moment and share with you positive feedback we have received regarding your recent services: 20/20 As you know our internal team provides feedback after each case. "Wiana was able to cancel both work and residence permits of the assignee in one cancelling letter so she invoiced for only one service instead of two. I think it was very generous from her." Thank you for your continued support and working very hard to achieve the wonderful feedback.