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Home Conseil Relocation : Quality Services

The priorities of Home Conseil Relocation : customer satisfaction (business & employees) due to the quality of the services.

To better serve the needs of our clients, Home Conseil Relocation actively participated in the development of its own Extranet services to enable the HR professionals we interact with to more easily track the progress of each assignment entrusted to us in just a few clicks.

In each of our specialties a manager closely supervises the consultants who are in direct contact with employee.

A satisfaction survey is sent out at the end of each assignment.


  • quality services
  • professionalism in our teams and in our network partners


  • loyalty towards our corporate clients
  • loyalty of our employees and network partners


  • solidarity with our corporate clients
  • solidarity in our teams and with our network partners
Des équipes multiculturelles et multilingues

A multicultural and multilingual team for a perfect fit with the expectations of employees.

Our team, headquartered in Lyon counts twenty-some mobility specialists covering all of France, including Paris. We also work with and extensive network of local partner professionals and consultants.

Training is provided to all of our teams on an ongoing basis to ensure a high level of service to our customers.

Our consultants are very team-oriented and committed to satisfying the needs of the employees they assist; high quality service is a must.

All of our consultant are fluent in at least one foreign language and generally have experienced expatriation themselves.

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